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Attractions in the area

Łeba is a town, belonging to the Pomeranian region, located in the Lębork district. This picturesque village, located on the Slovenian Coast, is situated between two rivers – Chełst and Leba. This area is worth of distinction mainly due to its charming landscapes and the sea water park. The Łeba area is famous for its unique European-wide moving sand dunes, broad beaches with exceptionally bright, soft and clean sand. The local microclimate is characterized by elevated salt and iodine content, which have a healing effect.

Worth to see in Łeba:

• Slowinski National Park (world biosphere reserve, moving dunes, old rocket launcher)
• Leba Park – the largest Jura Park in Poland
• Broad seaside beach
• Cruises and fishing trips by boat, cruises on the Łebsko lake from Rąbki to the open-air museum in Kluki and to the Rheinbote rocket launcher.
• Marina Port of Leba
• Single-storey fishing houses from the 19th century, ruins of the church of the BVV. St. Nicholas of the fourteenth century
• Czech Cheerful Town on the harbor boulevard
• Mierzeja Sarbska nature reserve .
• walking trail (green, 18 km)
• Walking trail (red, 36,5 km) Leba – Rowy
• Walking trail (yellow, 39 km) Leba – Gardna Wielka, cycling trail around Lake Sarbsko
• Jurassic Park with moving figures
• Upside down cttage
• rope park
• go-kart track

Attractions close to Łeba:

• Smodzino: Natural History Museum of the Slowinski National Park
• Chopin: lighthouse
• Stilo: lighthouse
• Sasino: Choczewskie Tis Reserve, wide seaside beaches
• Bialogarda: medieval fortification, fortified fort, 1296 mill, oak
• Sarbsk: boarding sailing center
• Ulinia: a log house (No. 6), rebuilt in 1924, a nineteenth-century mansion, old oaks, limes and beeches,
• Żarnowska: Zarnowska landscape and forest reserve, Żarnowskie Lęgi ornithological reserve, Bielice Gackie, Łebsko bathing resort, sailing and water sports.
• Wicko: nineteenth-century mansion, flora reserve New Wicko, the oldest in Pomerania cis (at school), border stone (one of the three preserved on the land of Lębork)
• Charbrowo: the park and manor house of the Somnitz family from the second half of the 17th century; St. Joseph the Bridegirl of 1669


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