Łeba - a paradise for nature and water sports lovers!

Are you looking for the perfect place for your vacation?
We invite you to Łeba – a charming town on the Baltic Sea, where unforgettable experiences await

Discover the Słowiński National Park:

  • Hike the shifting dunes – a unique natural phenomenon in Europe.
  • Take a cruise on Lake Łebsko and admire the richness of flora and fauna.
  • Visit the Stilo lighthouse and feel the magic of a sea adventure.

Feel the adrenaline on the beach:

  • Learn to kitesurf or windsurf under the supervision of experienced instructors.
  • Show your skills on the waves of the Baltic Sea.
  • Go on a catamaran or jet ski cruise.

Relax and feel close to nature:

  • Walk on the wide, sandy beach.
  • Jump into the refreshing waters of the Baltic Sea.
  • Go for a bike ride along picturesque paths.

Łeba is more than just a beach:

Visit the Amber Museum and learn about the history of the “gold of the Baltic Sea”.
Go to the interactive educational park “Sea Park”.
Feel the magic of the Middle Ages in the “Slavic Village” open-air museum.

Check out what else is waiting for you in Łeba:
Attractions near Łeba: discover the richness of the region and plan unforgettable trips.
Łeba – everyone will find something for themselves here!
Come and see for yourself why Łeba is an ideal place for a holiday.

Additional information:

There are numerous restaurants, cafes and bars in the town offering delicious food and drinks.
Łeba is perfectly connected with the rest of Poland – you can get here easily by train, bus or car.

Welcome to Łeba!


Łeba - the perfect place to learn kitesurfing and wing foil!

Are you looking for an unforgettable holiday full of adrenaline and contact with nature? Do you
dream of gliding through the waves on a wind-powered board? Łeba is the perfect place to learn
kitesurfing and wing foil!

Why Łeba?

Perfect conditions:

Wide beaches, wind from the sea and shallow waters of the surrounding lakes create ideal
conditions for learning kitesurfing and wing foil.

Experienced instructors:


In Łeba you will find many kitesurfing and wing foil schools run by experienced instructors who
will ensure your safety and comfort of learning.

InterCamp'84 recommends:

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Book your course today and feel the magic of gliding on the waves!


In Łeba itself, you must see:

  • Słowiński National Park (world biosphere reserve; shifting dunes, rocket launcher)
  • Łeba Park – the largest Jura Park in Poland
  • A wide seaside beach
  • Excursion and fishing cruises on sea cutters, cruises on Lake Łebsko from Rąbka to the open-air
    museum in Kluki and to the Rheinbote rocket launcher
  • Marina Łeba Yacht Port
  • Single-story fishing houses from the 19th century, ruins of the church. Saint Nicholas from the 14th century
  • Czech Amusement Park on the harbor boulevard
  • The Sarbska Spit nature reserve
  • Hiking trail (green, 18 km)
  • Hiking trail (red, 36.5 km) Łeba – Rowy
  • Hiking trail (yellow, 39 km) Łeba – Gardna Wielka,
  • bicycle path around Lake Sarbsko
  • Jurassic Park with moving figures
  • Upside down house
  • rope park
  • Go-kart track

In the vicinity of Łeba we recommend:

  • Smołdzino: Natural Museum of the Słowiński National Park
  • Czopino: lighthouse
  • Stilo: lighthouse
  • Sasino: Choczewskie Cisy reserve, wide seaside beaches
  • Białogarda: medieval stronghold, defensive embankment, mill from 1296, ancient oak
  • Sarbsk: center of board sailing
  • Ulinia: half-timbered house (no. 6), 19th-century manor house rebuilt in 1924, old oaks, linden trees and beeches, equestrian center
  • Żarnowska: Żarnowska landscape and forest reserve, Żarnowskie Lęgi ornithological reserve, Bielice Gackie” soil and floristic reserve, swimming pool on Lake Łebsko, sailing and water sports.
  • Wicko: 19th-century manor house, Nowe Wicko floristic reserve, the oldest yew in Pomerania (near the school), boundary stone (one of three preserved in the Lębork region)
  • Charbrowo: park and manor house of the Somnitz family from the second half of the 17th century,
    church. Saint Joseph the Betrothed from 1669