…or how to spend a nice holiday with your four-legged friends!

1. During accommodation, we ask all pet owners to show a valid ANIMAL PASSPORT, or, instead, a current “health booklet”… in fact, who would travel without documents!

2. The law requires all dogs to be walked on a leash (not exceeding 150 cm in length) and to have a muzzle during walks, just in case. In the case of dogs belonging to the “biting dogs” category,
both being on a leash and wearing a muzzle are required. In the case of dogs belonging to “breeds considered dangerous” and large in size, please contact the reception before arrival, if not, the dog’s stay in the center will not be approved.

3. You must not leave your four-legged friends unattended in facilities or at rest areas. You wouldn’t want them to suffer from loneliness. If you don’t want to give up the sea, there is “Dog Beach” close to us

4. The physiological needs of your animals should be met outside the camping area. Their excrement, if any, should then be collected and thrown into special containers. For this purpose, you can use special bags or containers that the dog’s owner must take care of.

5. Under no circumstances are pets allowed to enter public facilities and areas such as: public toilets, summer kitchens, recreation rooms and children’s playgrounds, as well as the swimming pool. All this with the aim of enabling peaceful coexistence while respecting those who are not fortunate enough or able to hold, care for and pet their own animals.

6. We would also like to remind you that insuring your little ones against possible losses and damages to others is the best way to have a pleasant holiday for everyone. This is just a little tip.

7. Pets may not disturb other people in any way. Make sure that your pet, even if it is nervous or sad, has an owner who pays attention to its needs and those of other people. The resort management reserves the right to expel guests from the campsite who do not comply with the above-mentioned rules, and in particular, if necessary, to report anyone violating the law to the appropriate authorities. It would be a really unpleasant situation, fortunately it has never happened so far… that’s why we think that our guests (both those with and without fur) are the best in the world.