Resort regulations

I General provisions


  1. The principles of the Regulations are intended to protect the rights of all guests of the Holiday Resort & Camping InterCamp’84 *** recreation center,

hereinafter referred to as the center.

  1. Stay at the facility constitutes knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.
  2. These rules specify the obligations of guests regarding their behavior during their stay and the manner of using the technical devices and equipment provided.
  3. Persons who have booked and paid for their stay in the center have the right to stay in the center. Persons who are not registered to stay at the center are not allowed to stay on its premises.
  4. Guests using the center’s services undertake to comply with:

– provisions of these regulations,

– occupational health and safety and fire regulations,

– booking and cancellation conditions,

– regulations of the recreational swimming pool,

– playground regulations, and following the instructions of the center staff.

  1. The resort is not liable for damage resulting from non-compliance by the resort’s guests with the rules and regulations contained in these regulations.
  2. It is prohibited to conduct any trade, gambling, promotional and advertising activities on the premises of the center without the consent of the center’s management.
  3. The resort does not allow its guests to organize special events at the resort on their own, except for events previously agreed with the resort management.
  4. A first aid kit is available at the reception of the center and at the lifeguard at the swimming pool




II Arrival and departure of guests


  1. Immediately after arriving at the resort, the guest is obliged to check in at the reception. In order to complete registration formalities,

the guest must present identity documents of all persons staying at the resort.

  1. The entire stay is payable upon arrival. No cash refund is given for a booked and unused stay.
  2. The stay at the campsite lasts from 12:00 on the first day of your stay and ends at 12:00 on the day of departure. Staying longer at the campsite is counted as another day of stay.
  3. The hotel day in summer houses is from 15:00 on the first day of your stay and ends at 10:00 on the day of departure.
  4. Guests registered at the campsite receive a residence card, which they should keep for inspection during their stay, and an identification bracelet, which should be worn on their wrist during the entire stay. If the gate or security staff are unable to identify the guest due to not wearing an identification bracelet or not presenting the residence card with an ID document, the guest will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  5. Guests arriving by car will receive an entry card, which they must place in the lower right corner behind the car’s windshield.
  6. Visits of our guests by third parties are possible after prior notification of their stay at the reception.




III Use of summer houses


  1. The resort guarantees its guests the use of summer houses of a standard consistent with the requirements of the facility category. In case of

reservations regarding the quality of services, the guest is asked to report them as soon as possible at the reception, which will enable the facility manager

immediate response.

  1. Guests are liable for any damage or destruction of their equipment and technical devices resulting from their fault and the fault of visitors.
  2. Any waste produced by guests during their stay at the resort should be disposed of on their own by taking it away

placing them in garbage containers located on the premises of the center. Similarly, before leaving the cottage, guests are obliged to tidy up the cottage they occupy and the space around it and remove all waste to containers intended for a given type of waste.

  1. In particular, the following is prohibited in the cottages:
  2. Smoking and the so-called e-cigarettes,
  3. Frying fish and other foods in hot oil

iii. Walking in shoes that damage floors,

  1. Taking/moving items from the cottage outside or to other places (e.g. furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc.)
  2. Using high-power electrical devices that are not standard equipment of the house (e.g. own cookers, heaters and other devices that may disturb the operation of the facility’s electrical installation,
  3. Lighting a barbecue on wooden terraces of houses, or at a distance of not less than 1.5 m from the walls of the house or wooden terrace and within the reach of the tree crown. Persons lighting the barbecue are obliged to supervise it during burning, and the used and cooled coal/fuel should be poured out to the place indicated by the resort reception.
  4. A deposit of PLN 300.00 for each camping house is collected upon check-in for any claims for damages arising from the fault of the guest of the resort and the fault of its visitors. If the amount of compensation claims is exceeded